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2024 Project (Vic)Toria Unit 5
Too Many Cooks: Part III
The Last Supper: Gastro-Sectarianism

Unit 5 will explore the idea of food and power, and how various sensory tactics are used to build a new culture and society from the ground up. Looking at all aspects of the food production chain, culminating in a communal dining experience.

The final presentation will be an immersive dinner style activation, where we will put into practice the learnings on food and control. Using theatrical techniques of sounds, light, scent, and food and drink we will take guests on a journey through food production, cooking and preparation to consuming. By delving into rituals of consumption, we will take guests on a deep journey into how power and control can be exhibited through food and drink.

Teaching Staff:

Rob Smith (Bompas & Parr)

Architectural Association School of Architecture
36 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3ES