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2024 Project (Vic)Toria Unit 4
Forest Signals

This year, Unit 4 will create speculative worlds that explore Victoria's relationship with her arboreal residents. This unit will investigate the history, significance, and prospective futures of these landscapes, speaking with experts and spending a day amidst the mountain ash rainforests, logging sites and plantations of Toolangi state forest.

Working through Unreal Engine and narrative writing, students will create artifacts that immerse audiences in a specific moment of our forests' pasts or futures. These will be rendered works of speculative fiction that aim to lay bare the roots of our society's present-day and potential relationships with forest ecosystems.

Teaching Staff:

Bethany Edgoose (Inferstudio)
Nathan Su (Inferstudio)

Architectural Association School of Architecture
36 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3ES