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2024 Project (Vic)Toria Unit 2
The Laboratory Garden

The Laboratory Gardens explores the practice of immersive storytelling through sensory installations. This unit will look at the stories we tell ourselves—and others—about discovery, connection and the narratives we form in the process.

Not Quite Nature
The concept of wilderness—a terrain that is absent of human touch—is a narrative that has pervaded the Australian story. A new form of nature emerges—a dynamic interplay between landscape, frame of view, time span, and memory. Over the past two years Unit 2 has been exploring various Victorian landscapes. They have unravelled layers of cultural history and built an archive of first hand observations. The subject of oversations this year will be site-specific artworks that each correspond to a different Victorian landscape. Students of this Unit will learn how to classify all of these materials, before curating them into a story for an exhibition. In designing this exhibition you will be grappling with your own role as the storyteller yourself.

Teaching Staff:

Lucinda Dryden (Studio Lulu)
Lucy Moroney (Studio Lulu)

Architectural Association School of Architecture
36 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3ES