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Project (Vic)Toria
World In A Room

This unit aimed to create highly detailed and specific virtual interiors where every choice - from the type of sockets on the walls, to the ornaments on the shelves, to the ingredients in the fridge - implies the society, economy, and climate beyond the room’s walls.
The rooms have all be sited in Melbourne and greater Victoria, and set in the year 2050. Each speculating on how our changing climate, our shifting economies, our wild technologies, and our evolving politics might shape our daily lives and the spaces where we live them.

Teaching Staff:

Nathan Su (Inferstudio)
Bethany Edgoose (Inferstudio)


Yuan Liang
Genvieve Chew En
Ali Azamy 

Adron Liang
Zidon Huang
Ioanna Petropoulou

Kun Xiao
Chengjie Zhang

The Un-commons

Ali Azamy 
Adron Liang

Brief:The Un-Commons is a speculative exploration that delves into the question of private-property ownership in Victoria in the year 2050, a founding principle in the capitalist mode of production.

The Un-commons imagines an extreme reality where it is no longer legal to own anything, be it land, ideas, or objects. In-place, everything is loaned from the commons, a governing body that dictates the provision of our necessities through an algorithm. In-turn, we’ve become migratory nomads within our densely packed cities, as the western notion of property ownership has slowly been replaced with far more relational conceptions of living. Through the development of decentralised blockchains and smart-contracts, our temporary possession of a certain property or object is made explicit – and our behaviour towards it, recorded and accounted for by the commons.

In light to this extreme, the un-commons aims to pivot from one fundamental question, what will the domestic condition look like in an era where the notion of ownership has been abolished?

Additional projects:
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